Friday, August 26, 2005

Patrick is clearly a maniac

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For my first sale. Sent on same-day delivery (I know 'cos he checked my address with me this morning). Look! That bouquet is over four feet tall! It filled two very large vases!
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Just to put this in perspective, that's a three-seater sofa there, hidden behind that giant gerbera. And does anyone know what those mad red fan-shaped flowers are?

I'm weirded out.

Imagine what I'd get for a print book.

No, no - brain, stop. Stop now.


  1. I think maybe Patrick should be a keeper. (But didn't he have to check your address last time he sent you something?)

  2. Anonymous4:03 am

    Definitely keep that bloke around. Flowers are beautiful. And sounds like Patrick is very sweet.

  3. Whoa, Kate! If I didn't know Patrick was engaged to someone, I'd say snap him up with all speed!

    Hey, Patrick, I sold a book too--where's my flowers? Whaddya mean, you don't know me? Excuses, excuses...