Saturday, August 27, 2005

To the persons spamming my blog

It's very nice of you to drop by with your impersonal compliments about the stories on my blog. It's lovely to hear you enjoy reading it. However, as I only ever update it once about every three weeks and most of my 'stories' are snarks about various family members, I'm surprised that you peeked out of the ether to congratualate me. And then I see the ad at the end of your post. That's very kind, but I'm an erotic romance writer. I don't need cialis. If I did, I wouldn't be published.

I'm also not interested in your cellulite website, or your training seminars. What I am interested in, though, is that little button on my control panel that says, "Do not allow anonymous comments?"

I'm thinking I might click it.


  1. ROTFLMAO!!! If you like, I could send that guy who posted the pic of his schlong (er, that'd be a schort, actually) to my blog.

    Hey! Maybe he'd like that cialis!

  2. K8, I have it set that only registered users can post on my blog. I haven't been spammed yet but if it happens, Dog help them. I hate Spammers like I hate idiot neighbors.

  3. Lol - that really hit a chord. I got several emails today for "What Every Man Needs", as well as being blogspammed. I've turned on my word verification function - that seems to work (fingers crossed).