Monday, September 12, 2005

Silver star from JERR!

Hey, that rhymes. Good news is well-needed now, and this actually had me mouthing like a fish. A happy fish. My second review -- and it's even shinier than the first!

Reviewer: Dani Jacquel
Rating: Silver Star Award
Heat level: H
Masika's day starts off bad after encountering a
vampire slayer, but begins to get better when she meets
Mr. Yummy Butt in a local bar. He's a blonde-haired
vampire and their connection seems instantaneous. Of course,
just because her day starts getting better doesn't
mean it will end well.

I believe Sundown Inc.: She Who Dares is Ms. Marster's
first book, and as such, I must say she'll have trouble making sure her
following books can hold up in comparison. Sundown Inc.: She Who Dares was
an excellent story. I was surprised by how well Masika was characterized, as
well as how the little details given about her history didn't
interfere with the story, just helped round it out. Masika came off
as a badass woman with a no-holds-barred attitude, but there were moments that
revealed her soft inner core. I really loved the fact that she didn't
spend a moment of the story in denial about her emotions or feelings, even
with all that attitude.

The sex, too, didn't lack in any way. It was hot,
intense, and I easily fell into the characters' passion for each other.
Dare was the epitome of a hot, dangerous man, but that didn't stop him from genuinely
feeling something for Masika. The part of the story that revealed Dare's
secrets was well timed and beautiful.

I can't say how much I loved Sundown Inc.: She Who Dares.
There are only a handful of short stories that have
had characters that I connected to so quickly that I felt immediately
teary-eyed with emotion over their pain and successes. Of course, that doesn't
dismiss the absolutely fabulous humor this book had. It may have ended on a
more serious note, but the beginning was charming and hilarious. For all
these reasons, I found Sundown Inc.: She Who Dares deserving of the Silver
Star Award
. I'll definitely be looking forward to Ms. Marster's next
Dani Jacquel
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Pretty groovy, huh? I only go alerted to this when the other Changeling Authors
started congratulating me. Just call me a dizzy blonde.

I also got the cover for my next Changeling book today. It's very, very pretty,
and when I have a moment I'll upload it here and show you.

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    YAY! K8! It is a fabulous book.