Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Almost Human is out tomorrow! Picture me nervous. But -- got a review in already from Romance Junkies:

ALMOST HUMAN takes readers on an emotional roller coaster ride that just doesn’t end. Dark is much like his name only there is way more to him than what he reveals at first. Chance is an awesome heroine, she’s brave and courageous and that comes shining through in her actions. The love scenes are searing and very intense, and the passion never stops. Cat Marsters has woven a tale of betrayal, desire and action that readers will put on the keeper shelf and come back to read again and again.

4.5 ribbons, which is nice!

Taking little Candy to the vet this evening. She's looking really sad, been throwing everything up for weeks, only this last week that's stopped because she's hardly eaten anything. I don't know why I think of her as a baby (probably because she's still only kitten sized) as she's actually twelve. That's getting old for a cat. Anyway, she's always been very skittish and lively, but recently she's just been... sad. Listless. She's looking a little like Willow did last summer--and Willow died in September. What with Tinker being a matted, senile, wobbly old man of 17 and poor Honey coughing her lungs out five times an hour, I'm tired of old sick pets! I want proper, working ones!(yes, that is a velvet pillow. You can't say I don't love them)

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