Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Candy hearts

Candy died today. I thought she was going to go last night, so I stayed up until 3.30am with her, but she kept hanging on. She always was resilient. It was quiet and peaceful, so much so that we had to keep checking if she was still with us. I miss my baby. I really do.

So of course, for me Valentine's Day sucks even more than usual! My whole life, I've had two Valentine's cards, and I strongly suspect my mother was behind both of them. Or maybe Patrick. He sent me a text today apologising for not sending me flowers this year. I had to reply, "When did you ever?" Short silence, then he said, "Maybe that was your birthday." Yes. Yes, it was. Only the second birthday, I didn't remind him (see how I'm growing?) he's ever remembered. Despite that we've known each other since we were five, and my birthday is St Patrick's Day.

I hope he remembered to get his fiancée some flowers.

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