Monday, March 20, 2006


After a dull-as-hell Saturday I announced I was visiting Wood Green animal shelter at Heydon--about a half-hour drive from here down some very, very twisty little roads. The 'rents decided they'd better come too (which meant I didn't have to drive, heh). They didn't have any kittens and advised that when they do, they go very quickly, so we're to keep calling to see if they have any. Very nearly brought home a beautiful tortie/white girl called Mistique (yes, I'd have had to change the spelling) who was so pretty and so friendly, even Mum was really taken with her. But poor 'ol Misti didn't like other cats or dogs, so she was a no-no. The only cats they had who were compatible were quite old, and I'm afraid I had to be selfish about that. With one extremely elderly gent, and two who passed away so recently, I just don't think I could handle getting attached to a cat who's going to die so soon.

I want a kitten who's gonna give me a good few years first. Oh! And! They said they prefer to rehome kittens in pairs. When I put the idea of a pair of kittens to Mum later, she said she was as happy with two as one. I grinned and said, "What about Dad?" She just shrugged and smiled. Once he's said yes to one, how much harder can two be?

Going to check with the vet in Stortford, see if they know anyone. It's still early in the kitten season yet--the vet up the road (and I mean about 50 yards from my house) only knew of one lady whose kittens will be ready in 10-12 weeks. But I can't wait that long!


  1. Hey Kitty-Cat,

    I grew up with 2 cats and vowed to be a cat person for the rest of my life. I find nowadays that I'm not crazy about the fur they leave all over the house. I have one cat, but she largely ignores me. Cats are better than dogs, though. Dogs are noisy.

    Take care, luv

  2. Well, I was a done deal. Never grew out of it. I prefer cats to people. Apparently that's a characteristic of psychopaths.