Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday already?

Where'd the week go? I haven't even unpacked my case from skiing yet (but if I need thermal underwear, then of course I will). Spent most of yesterday wretchedly hungover after going out Friday night. Since Rich wasn't here for my actual birthday, we delayed it a week. Great restaurant, great food, really great wine...and more wine... Then yesterday was the Duty Visit Oop North, which involved getting up far too bloody early (could have done with sleeping until at least noon) and spending three hours in a car. Well, three hours in a car is never pleasant, especially when my dad insists on taking the wiggly back roads to get to the motorway (why? It's like three miles from our house!). Three hours plus bad hangover equals sicky. I maintain it's not my fault at all, and why'd I have to go anyway? Bah. Bah!

Anyway. Mother's Day today, and the request was for me and Rich to cook. Heh, I get to do tea, and he has to make a prawn and avocado salad for lunch. Since he's never seen an avocado outside a supermarket, this could be fun.


  1. Hey kitty cat. Whos' Rich? Is that your boyfriend? I want a boyfriend named Rich. No, wait, I just want a rich boyfriend. Jessica Alba has a boyfriend named Cash. I want one of those, too. No, wait, I just want a boyfriend who has some cash for once.

    ta ta, babe

  2. Nope, he's my brother, not my boyfriend. This is England, not Kentucky ;)

  3. ha ha. good one. anyway, i just realized that i don't have a link to your blog up on my site. i'm so stupid. i'm going to put one up - so now you'll have millions of readers, just me like. see you!!