Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fluffy stuff

Easter, bunnies, ducklings, et cetera. Right, that's the seasonal link out of the way. Guess what? Went to Cats Protection yesterday to look at the kittens. My God, they're cute. There aren't enough words to convey just how cute a litter of five-week-old kittens is. I'd actually forgotten how adorable they were. Four white, one tabby. Two of the white girls and one boy were still available and since I couldn't decide... and the cuteness was so overwhelming... I pulled the same trick I did eighteen years ago and persuaded the 'rents that really, two kittens would keep each other company, and they'd play with each other and not bother Tinker so much, and besides, when Tinker dies the new cat would be so lonely...

The girl will be called Sugar, the boy Spike. Toyed with calling him Ash (he belongs to me, Amy!), but Spike seemed to fit better. Plus, Sugar and Spike, who could resist?

We can have them in a couple of weeks. Was worried about how Honey would react, and keeping them in the same room (until they're litter trained we really need to keep them somewhere cleanable at night!), but it seems that's not a problem we'll have. We've been talking about calling the vet to make a housecall and have Honey put to sleep. She's clearly never going to get better and she has zero quality of life. But she made fourteen (we don't know when she was born, but we count it on Easter Sunday because we know it was around then), which is a good old age, and there's never been a happier dog.

So, new life, old life. Kind of fitting for Easter, I guess.


  1. Happy belated Easter, kitty cat.

  2. Hiya. First time visitor to your blog here.

    With me it was the other way round. I went to get a kitten and took my mother with me. There were two. I chose one and returned home with her. About an hour later Mum had persuaded me to go back and get her sister (because they'd be so lonely without each other) so it was thanks to her that we ended up with 2 cats that became 6 cats when one of them produced her own litter at 5 months!