Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm me again!

But before I tell you why, here's a tip for anyone trying to finish a book. Do not, under any circumstances, spend the day before deadline when you still have several thousand words to write--let alone edit--visiting the hairdresser, trying out new chocolate-flavoured soft cheese, and buying the new Tomb Raider (especially not if you idolise Lara Croft so much that you even know what type of pistol she favours).

The hairdresser one was especially hazardous, since I now look so pretty I'm distracted by my own reflection in the monitor. But look! I'm me again! Brunettism is all very well and good, but there ain't nothing like being a blonde, I tell you.

I'd post a picture, but the highlights seem to be dazzling the flash.

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