Sunday, April 23, 2006

Geek love

Yep, I have a new crush, and in true geek style it's on a geeky guy in a geeky series. Actually, Doctor Who isn't geeky at all, but it is cult, and the two are easily confused. And David Tennant isn't, I'm sure, a geek either. But he looks so cute in his glasses and he's so smart, too! Bless his sonic screwdriver.

(PS. Who has a song called Geek Love? Answers on a comment form, please!)


  1. Are you thinking of the book "Geek Love?"

  2. Is it pop/rap/funkster fan_3?

    Do I get a prize for knowing that?

    That David Tennant was brilliant as Casanova, and remarkably Scottish in real life.

  3. Oh man, Cat!!!! I WANT that magazine!! How can I get my hands on a copy?????

  4. Um...ask the Radio Times people nicely! It's 18 months old (I think the date is 13th March 2005)--I just found it on an image search!

    But yes. Isn't it just pretty?