Monday, April 24, 2006

What, no other comments on the lovely David? And no guesses at the song, either. I'm sad now. See me pout and blink tear-filled eyes.

Okay, riddle me this. Why am I up here at this machine when I could be downstairs watching Sean Bean running around in a scruffy shirt saving 'the whole bluddy armeh' because 'no bugger else will'? The things I suffer for my art, honestly!


  1. Blogger seems to have had some "issues" over the last couple of days. Comments not showing up, that sort of thing. I think that it has been sorted out now, as my comment on Geek Love has appeared.

  2. well hello there matey! I found your blog & am here for some random spam commentage....yay....hope you don't mind!

    if you want i can pimp you over on mine, all kindsa random people seem to be reading me...I'm scared!

    mmmmmm the beany man is looking rather hot there isn't he! As for David Tennant....fwarrrrrghhhhh...WANTS!