Monday, April 10, 2006

Omega 3...or 4...

Okay, well, I was bored. Thinkin' about my recent(ish) rant about Alphas and Omegas, I decided to make a quiz so you can easily find out what category your hero--fictional or otherwise--falls into. What kind of man do you fall for? What kind do you like reading about? What kind do you write about? Who's hottest: Spike, Jack, or Jayne? The answers to all these questions and more can be found right here...


  1. Apparently I'm Alpha and predicable. Must have been bcse I said guys in leather pants are "gay." Guess what, THEY FUCKING ARE!!!!!!!

    Cool quiz, Cat. It's reminded me that I should get back to healing the world by writing my dirty little quizzes.

    Later, babe!

  2. Nope... that answer would have rendered you gay. 'Sexy' would have led you to the Alphas.

    I bet you wanted to marry the Greek billionaitre prince tycoon, didn't you? It's the only way...

  3. I said I'd tell the Greek tycoon to go screw himself. But I also said I'd fancy a fuck with Mr. Darcy.