Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sugar, do do do do do, oh, Honey Honey, you are my Candy girl....

New review for Playing With Matches from Fallen Angel Reviews. Five Angels, whee! Quite ironic, really, considering the debauchery that goes on. But then, they are fallen angels, so that's all right.

Lady from Cats Protection came today (yes, there should be an apostrophe there, but it's late and I can't be arsed, really). Being that we're all caring, sharing people, Rich the misanthrope stayed out of sight, the dog didn't have another stroke or throw up on herself and Tinker, the manky heap of bones that he is, got stuck upstairs, they decided we're allowed to adopt. They have a litter of white kittens who are currently very tiny, but who we're allowed to visit in a week or two. If we get a girl, Mum wants to call her Marilyn, but I'm not big on human names for animals (although I did call a heroine Candy once, and I know some poor girls get called Honey). I kinda want to call her Sugar, after Marilyn's turn in Some Like It Hot.
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If it's a boy, I'll probably call him Spike.Image hosting by Photobucket

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  1. I'm not so keen on human names for pets either. The cats I had when I was growing up were called "Tom" and "Cindy." Now, when I meet people by those names - I have difficulty not patting them.