Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm going to become a lesbian

Because, seriously. There are what, something like 30 million men in this over-populated country, right? One of them must be sane, mentally normal, and not a hard drugs user. Wherever he is, he's nowhere near me.


  1. although i am insane, completely unstable mentally and an avid herion user who dabbles a little in cough syrup, i encourage you to visit my blog.

    AL not fear me for i am a canadian...we are lazy and have as much ambition as belly lint.

  2. Well, if a rightous babe such as yourself can't find a boyfriend, then I'm seriously fucked.

    But Kitty cat, what about the two I introduced you to? They're nice.

  3. You introduced me to who?

    And this wasn't even boyfriend stuff. This was family stuff. The boyfriend stuff I shall save for a later, much longer rant.

  4. Your family is going to drive you to be a lesbian?

    What the hell's going on that house of your's, Cat?

  5. btw, i introduced you to Puck and Christopher. but I'm well aware that they live far away from you and all that.

  6. Anonymous4:10 am

    I still having trouble believe such an intelligent, talented, beeeooootiful babe like yourself can't find a man.

    They're so missing out.

    And if I were a lesbian,I'd totally ask you out ;)

  7. Kendra, you say the sweetest things!

    Reese: how'd you teach my kitlets to box like that??

  8. That cat picture is the profile picture of this blogger called "Slyce" who writes a blog entirely devoted to Sylvester Stallone - hence the boxing.