Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Liquid air

So I once read a book set in nineteenth century Ireland that said the constant moisture in the air gave all the women wonderful complexions. Clearly, this was written by someone who had never read a skincare article, in which is it is usually stated that water actually dries out the skin. Or, in fact, been to England, which is just as wet as Ireland and where perfect skin is as rare as the rest of the world. In any case, modern humidity is hell if you wear even a slight smudge of makeup. I went for a walk today and I thought my face was melting. Well, anyway, I probably sweated out a few pounds.

Not as many as these chaps, though. Sunday was hot, overcast, and the air was like soup. My Coke bottle felt like it had been microwaved (the plastic actually started warping). Even Alysia, who I think would live on the sun if she could, didn't enjoy it. Anyway. Jousting tournament at Audley End, and these guys were walking around in fur-trimmed wool robes, before they put on their 70lb armour, lifted 15lb lances, and rode towards each other at a combined speed of 50mph. Reckon they ended the day about 20lb lighter than they started it.

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  1. Is it super hot there these days? I've heard that cold climates are good for the complexion, and beauty in general, because it's like you're cryogenically frozen for six months of the year. Well, I live in a cold climate and I can assure you that Canadians are just as ugly as anyone else.

    The humidity is murder on my hair, though. It makes it frizzy, which I hate.

    Later, Kitty Cat