Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cat Welfare Society

Okey dokey, folks. Help an author in need! Roll up, roll up, for the Cat Welfare Society! (heh, d'you like that?)

You see, people, Cat isn't very bright. So caught up with the marvellous bargain of a weekend away for a hundred pounds that she, er, sort of forgot she didn't have a hundred pounds hanging around (wouldn't you love to be the sort of person who did? 'Oh, here's a hundred quid I just forgot about'. Nice). But! She's worked out, clever little thing that she is (did I just say she wasn't very bright? Well, she isn't, but she has a calculator) that if you buy 126 copies of Naked Eyes between Thursday and, er... whenever the credit card bill comes in, then the cost of the holiday is covered! 126, and that's all!

Of course, you may be concerned that Cat doesn't get enough to eat, wasting away she is, and so stressed by all the hard work of writing and promoting and thinking up steamy sex scenes (okay, how many words for 'penis' can you think of?) that she deserves some good food and a massage or two while she's there. Which would necessitate a few more copies sold. Say, another hundred? That's not very much to ask, is it? for an author who desperately needs a holiday? Just a tiny little break, not even leaving the country, to save her sanity and ensure many more naughty books?

I'll even toss in a picture of the hero of Naked Eyes, bad-boy pilot Jack Tremaine. Absolutely free!

(and yes, of course. I know there are actual cat welfare societies out there, for actual cats, with paws and whiskers and things. I'm extremely indebted to one of them, Cats Protection League, without whom I'd never have got my adored kitlets. So, joking about this Cat aside, support the four-legged kind too!)

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  1. those kitties are so bloody cute ;-)