Saturday, September 16, 2006

Zucchero, il modello

Okay, that's probably not the right Italian, but I can't find my dictionary. Richard and I are learning Italian, you see. I did some at school, but it was ten years ago and I hardly remember any. See? School is useless.

Anyway. During the 'caffe con zucchero' bit of the CD (yes, CD, and it has backing music, too!), little Sugar trotted in. Well, I say little. She's pretty big now. Not as big as her brother, who is heavier than me now. But then, since I only weigh seven stone three, that's not hard.

(er, that's 7st3 per ...eye).

But my bella Zucchero is so pretty, I took some pictures of her, lounging on my new duvet like the little superstar she is. Ain't she gorgeous? Ain't my bedding cool? Ain't it all bellissimo?

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