Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Procrastination station

So, okay. Next Sundown book should be turned in by the end of the month. Samhain Christmas story the month after that. Then the next-next Sundown book. Then I have to finish self-edits on Sophie book three. And finish writing Kett's book. Then edit Sophie books four, five and six. Then finish book seven, and write book eight.

But you know what I'm doing? Making Poser arts.

Whatcha all doin' to procrastinate?


  1. You know, I sat and made book covers one night instead of writing ;) So you've got a partner in crime on that one.

    AND, it sounds like you've more than enough projects going too! What is it about our to-do lists never going away?


  2. Anonymous4:55 am

    Hey, whatever makes you happy :)

    i'm supposed to be working but I'm downloading military running cadences to listen to as I "walk"