Sunday, October 15, 2006

I may regret this

But here is a wordmeter, so you can all see how much work I'm not doing.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,845 / 12,000

Well, I have another project on the go, too. Perhaps a little unwisely, I'm also painting a mural downstairs to be perused while one is enjoying the facilities of the downstairs cloakroom. It's my mother's idea. Last night (first day of painting) she said it was too big. This morning, when I explained that she never told me how big she wanted it, and indeed saw the size when I had sketched it on the wall, she amended it to 'too blue'. Looks like I'll be creating a more authentically British sky of pale blue-grey.

This is, approximately, what I'm painting (click for a larger picture). God knows what it'll turn out like.

Oh, and I've amended the sidebar with blogs I actually do read. Or at least intend to. I'm terrible at catching up. Should I be reading your blog? Tell me, without using the letter E, why I should.

Only kidding. Use as many Es as you like. I'll even give you bonus points for them.

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