Saturday, October 07, 2006

My gorgeous boy

Since I've just put up a couple of pictures of his sister, I feel it only fair to dazzle you all with how beautiful my baby boy is turning out. Look at those eyes! Look at that fur! Listen to the never-ending mewing for food! Oh, you can't. But even that's kind of cute. His miaows are all squeaky, and he chirrups when you talk to him.

Yes, I'm besotted with my Spikealike.


  1. Anonymous3:38 am

    OH I love your cat's eyes!

  2. His eyes are totally freaking me out in the first picture. I think he's going to pounce thorugh the computer to get me.

    Attacked by cuteness, maybe!

  3. I am just so impressed with your blog. But more than that I love the cats!
    B x

  4. Anonymous1:04 am

    good cat.