Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jan-Dec: a summary

With apologies to Helen Fielding. And Alysia.

Weight gained: About half a stone (bad)
Weight lost: About half a stone (v.g)
Alcohol units: 858,569. Ish. (v. poor)
Days without hangover: Approx 350
Cigarettes: 1 puff. See above re: alcohol.
Correct lottery numbers: 0 (how? HOW?)
Bets placed: 7
Bets won: 1
Valentines: 0 (bah)
Christmas cards: Um. About 12.
Parties attended: 6 (slightly poor)

Boyfriends: 0
Dates asked on: 2 (hurrah!)
Gigs attended: 2 (but both Rich's, so don't count)
Plays seen: 1 (well, musical-y thing)
Plane trips: 3 return, one single
Castles/palaces visited: 6

Holidays taken: 4 (excellent!)

Countries visited: 3 (v.g)
Murals painted: 1
Conferences attended: 1
Famous authors dined/partied with: At least a dozen

Books published: 8
Books contracted (not including those published): 4
Nominations for awards: 6
Percentage of tax-free allowance earned: 20 (poor)
Books bought: about a hundred (poor)
Pets died: 3

Pets acquired: 2

Website views: 361,608 (??? Must be including image requests)


  1. Anonymous10:05 pm

    One Hell of a YEAR! Happy New Year, Kate!

  2. Wow, looks like you have a very interesting year. It's pretty cool that you can look back on this post and see all the amazing things that have happened. Very god idea. I hope your 2007 is even better.

  3. Happy New Year, m'dear! It looks as though you should feel very accomplished! I'm sorry about the four footed losses :( I lost one myself, but gained a new one in the year....

    Kittens + Christmas Tree = Bad idea