Sunday, February 25, 2007


Big Brother is watching you. No, seriously: I signed that online petition about roadpricing, and in return got a personal email from His Toniness. I was going to blog about it (because it's just amazing how several hundred words can totally fail to contain anything actually resembling a fact) but in reality politics bore me silly and I really hate discussions on the subject. I try to keep politics and religion off this blog.

I will, however, give you this rather wonderful quote on the (sort of) subject:
I must confess the the activities of the UK governments for the past couple of years have been watched with frank admiration and amazement by Lord Vetinari. Outright theft as a policy had never occured to him.
...from, of course, Terry Pratchett. (Go and read some more here. Especially the one about cats and pills. And the 'fast lane' one, which I've put on Sophie's MySpace).

In other news (and you damn bats nearly had me typing 'udder gnus' there), yours truly is feeling a little delicate because she somehow ended up in a pub with late opening hours with a bunch of Irish rugby fans. After Ireland had beaten us at rugby. And I was on Guinness. Which wasn't being served in half pints. So I'm going to go to bed now...

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