Saturday, February 24, 2007

Busy busy

With three books scheduled for March I've been run off my feet. Well, actually that's a lie: I've been glued to this keyboard. Ought to have blogged more, but how interesting is: Got up. Did promo. Ate. Slept. Hmm?

Also, yesterday was tricky since my office is upstairs, and shortly after I went downstairs in the morning, my parents started ripping up the stairs carpet, underlay and grippers in preparation for the new carpet being laid in the afternoon. Then, of course, when the carpet was being laid, going up and down the stairs was also inadvisable. So I read my book instead.

You want to see the new carpet? I know you're desperate to. Here's Spike, trying to recreate those carpet ads (who did them? Can't remember) with the fluffy white puss sprawled on the shagpile. See?

Oh, and I did some website work: check out the profiles I made for Sophie and Luke!

ETA: yes, those boots are awesome, aren't they? They only cost about £25, too (I love cheap stuff). However, I've only just recovered from the severe pain they induced not only in my feet but all the way up my legs as I tried to balance on those heels all night!