Monday, February 19, 2007

Watching the people get lairy

is not very pretty I tell thee!

See? Picture from Saturday night, which was a West End Musicals party at my friend Nick's house. He and his ex-flatmate Tom dressed each other--which meant Nick was the Child Catcher and Tom was Maria Von Trapp. And he wasn't even the silliest one there: there was also a hill (who was alive...geddit?), two tractors (from Flashdance, apparently), a sheep (er...?) and a Blue Man. Made me, as the Phantom of the Opera, look positively sensible.

The Phantom of the Opera is theeeeeere, inside your miiiind! Ahem.

Tractors. Apparently.

You know you've had too much beer when the hills really do seem to be alive.

Yes. Definitely too much beer.

The name on everybody's lips is gonna be...well, Amanda and Ailsa, actually.

Sheep. With Billy Elliot (see, tutu and boxing gloves, yes? I know. She's Australian).

Oh, this one's sideways... anyway, no one had heard of Brigadoon. What's wrong with people these days?


  1. Ok, it looks like you have far more fun at your parties....

    although, we're hosting a "Behind the Mask" party at the end of March....a definite MUST see indy flick!!!

    Love the boots! Go you!

  2. No one has ever heard of Brigadoon?


    Looks like a fun party though. I'd get laughed and (and ignored) if I tried to throw a costume party.

  3. Anonymous2:54 am


    Looks like you had FUN! I wish we had more costume parties here.

  4. I second that, Kendra! We never have costume parties here. And by the way, I COVET your boots in that picture, Cat. My God. Those are awesome!