Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dogs and hats

So, today we went to Wood Green Animal Shelters to see about getting a new dog. Sadly, while they had some really lovely dogs, none of them could be rehomed with cats, and the Sugar and Spikelet are obviously our first priority here. Well, mine anyway. So we'll keep trying them, and in the meantime check with the vets and in the local papers about puppies. But, things are definitely progressing!

On a totally unrelated note, look at the hat I bought for Patrick's wedding! Thank you, Patrick, for giving me an excuse to buy such a monstrously frivolous creation. I shall be bugging several other people of my acquaintance to get married now, so I can wear it more than once.


  1. Wow! That hat is very large and very pink! And yet somehow, it looks good on you. Amazing!

  2. Anonymous3:02 am

    WOW! How fun!!!! Be sure and sit in front of someone short ;)