Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: fictional characters I have a massive crush on

Thirteen fictional Characters I have a Massive Crush on

1. Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. I mean, obviously. Man's a gorgeous babe.

2. David Tennant's Doctor Who (see yesterday, man in kilt). Enthusiastic, eccentric, like a giant puppy leaping around the universe. Completely adorable. And in the Madame de Pompadour episode, where he got Reinette's letter? Oh, I was crying for him.

3. Phin Tucker from Jennifer Crusie's Welcome to Temptation. Have I mentioned how much I love this book and worship JC? Not in the last five minutes. Phin is hawt, and he's smart, and he loves his daughter, and he's stuck doing the job in front of him, even if he doesn't really want to.

4. Richard Sharpe from the Bernard Cornwell books, but especially from the ITV films. Oh, Horny Sean. How thou makest my petticoats flutter!

5. Benedick of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. He's just very, very funny. And he treats Beatrice as an equal. And he'd do anything for her. "I do love nothing in the world so well as you. Is not that strange?" Swoon!

6. Captain Mal Reynolds of the Firefly class Serenity. Embittered and angry, but incredibly loyal, committed to his crew, and when he believes in a cause he doesn't give up on it, no matter the cost. And he's damn funny. And he's pretty hot.

7. Daniel Craig's James Bond, Casino Royale. A blunt instrument? Well, maybe. But he's a hammer with feelings. That bit where he sits down with Vesper in the shower, fully dressed, turns the heat up, and puts his arms around her...oh, my. That's not a blunt instrument. Plus, those eyes!

8. Luke Sharpe, the Sophie Green Mysteries. Is this cheating? I don't care. Luke started out as a boilerplate sexy, suave spy, not a lot of depth to him. Then he revealed a love of Buffy reruns, a family who didn't care for him, a liking for cats, and a slowly developing tendre for Sophie. And now I'm totally in love with him. Does anyone know how Pygmalian did it?

9. Lara Croft. Hah, that's done you! I have a total girl-crush on her. come on, who wouldn't? If I did girls, I'd so do her.

10. Joe Morelli, the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich. Tough call between him and Ranger, but you know, Ranger scares the shit out of me. You could take Morelli home to your parents. Well, probably.

11. Sam Vimes, Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. He does the job that's in front of him. Hes not that bright, not very well educated, his second- and third-in command can run rings around him, he's fathoms out of his depth at any social occasion his wife drags him to, his boss is a Machiavellian genius...but if you want something doing, and you want it doing thoroughly, and you want some entertainment while he's doing it...get Sam Vimes.

12. Striker, Almost Human. Striker actually has several books of his own, but they're a big old mess and the stories suck. But I fell in love with him aeons before he became Chance's father. He's a complete psycho, he doesn't like anyone, he enjoys hurting people, he thinks explosions are fun, he has the emotional intelligence of a child. He's be an evil overlord if he could be bothered. He's the opposite of that bible passage about love being forgiveness and all that. He's basically a monster. But, if he loves you then he's your monster. And he'd do anything for you. Plus, he's inhumanly hot.

13. Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Come on, you didn't think I was going to forget him, did you? What can I say that I haven't already? The hotness is a given. The sarcasm still makes me shiver. That narrow-eyed, sideways-slant, cheeks-sucked-in look makes me go fluttery in places that are usually private. He's not a master vampire, he's not all-powerful. He makes mistakes all the damn time. He has the soul of a poet and the brain of a monster. But he tries.

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  1. Drooooooooooooooooooooool!!!

    Ahem. What I meant to say was, thanks for the dose of eye-candy!

  2. At the risk of horribly shocking you, the only one I know on that list is the new James Bond.

    Added you to my TT participant list! ;)

  3. Oooooh... Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron... He's droolishious!

  4. Very nice list - and VERY nice pictures.

    Personally if I'm going for JC heroes though I go for Cal from Bet Me. The scene where he sings Elvis makes me shiver every time!

  5. Great list! And yeah, if I did girls, I'd be hot for Lara Croft, too!

    Happy TT!

  6. Clicked through on a "view other TT's" link and am SO glad I did. Yummity-yum!

  7. I'm a Ranger girl so you can have Morelli! Great list, I love Daniel Craig and Phin Tucker too (oh the dock scene, whooo!)

  8. That's a drool-worthy list, Cat. Um...except maybe for Lara Croft. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my first TT!

  9. Fabulous list of gentlemen if I do say so myself. I lost my Sean Bean thing back when he did Lady Chatterly's Lover but Daniel Craig, nice!

    Oh, my vote goes to Christopher Eccleston for Dr Who - lovely :-)

  10. God can I just say YES!!! I love David's Doctor Who. I love Christopher too, but David I could just eat up.

    Spike... *drool*

  11. Emily--yes, Cal is pretty delish too. In fact he's downright adorable. but I didn't want to hog the list with Crusie heroes, 'cos I pretty much love them all.

    Lauren--I'd never say no to Ranger! Even if, as i said, I'm bloody terrified of him...

    Tilly--poor Horny Sean always loses it when he has to try any kind of accent that's not his native Sheffield. But snaps to the man for making that god-awful noise sexy! (Yes, my family is from there--I'm allowed to say that).

    I've never really got Christopher Eccleston, too many miserable roles I think. But seeing him messing about as The Doctor lightened him up in my eyes.

    Christine--well, clearly I agree! I have The Hugest crush on David Tennant. Not that you could tell from any of my blog posts!