Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm the best mummy in the world

It's official. My cats said so. Well, not them, but the card they gave me. Well, not that they gave me exactly, but the one my mummy bought on their behalf. But, at least my mummy thinks I'm the best! And look, Sugar must have approved, because here she is with the card, and she's not glaring at me or anything.

Anyway. Obviously, today is Mother's Day in the UK, which means that yesterday was Fathers Desperately Trying To Buy Flowers And Cards Day. Except in my house, because a) it was my birthday, b) my brother and I are quite old enough to do this for ourselves (although you wouldn't believe the times I've got a phonecall late on the Saturday before from my brother, asking if I can get him a card, because he's forgotten) and c) this year, as the year before, my mother requested no cards, no flowers (she bought me 25 purple tulips yesterday) and no presents. Well, she is impossible to buy for anyway. Instead, bro and I are making lunch and dinner for her. That's what she asked for. Oh, and obviously that we clean up afterwards.

This works fine for me, because spending money I don't have on presents she won't want is acknowledged by both of us as a really stupid thing to do. However, I will just raise my hand and boast that I did get her the best Mother's Day present ever a few years ago, when we took her to see Bryan Adams, who she adores. We're going again this year, but not today. Obviously.

What's the best present you've ever got someone?


  1. I think you have stolen my cat, snowy!!! see photo here... :-)

  2. Wow--Sugar, Spike, you have a long-lost cousin here!

  3. Snowy was a rescue cat who joined out family in Dubai. Are your Turkish Angorras as well?

  4. Nope--at least not to my knowledge! Their mother was a short-haired white moggy who lived in a shelter. I've no idea why they're so fluffy, but their tails are like feather boas!

  5. Aww, precious.

    I think the bestest (yes, I can make up words, I am a writer damnit) we telling my mother THANK YOU on MY birthday.

    I think it has something to do with having had a child. LOL. The effort and total FREAK out.

    Sounds like a good/fun day all the way around. It's sooo cool when the "cats" get you a present ;)