Friday, March 16, 2007

Nearly 25

Yes, I know. It's a horrible age. Well everyone seems to hate me for it. But you know? I'm going Lucy Diver on this one.

I've been away since Monday and this is just a fly-by to let you know I didn't relax myself to death. I know, it's a constant worry. Tomorrow, I will be 25. Tomorrow it's St Patrick's Day. Tomorrow my brother and my dad will come home fromAustria and tell me repeatedly how silly I was to not go skiing with them this year (because in their hotel there was a salad buffet for the entire duration of dinner! How could I say vegetarians weren't catered for??).

While I was away I got my first review for Sophie and it was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC (if you don't like my language, then you will hate the book; also, what the frilly heck are you doing here in the first place??). So, picture me flying high. Even after a week of pizza and cider.

This week also marks the Maneater cover being on display at the Changeling Press blog; go and have a gander at Sahara's fantasitc cover work. Also, tell us what you think about St Patrick's Day, Irish themes, SciFi, Nathan Fillion, whatever.

Also, today is Red Nose Day, which for those who don't know is when the Great and Good of British comedy talent get together to raise money for charitable causes, most noticably those in Africa, and those at home in the UK. Intersperced with the funniest comedy you'll see today are the most touching films about poverty, AIDS, abuse. This year's lineup includes David Tennant (look close and he's in a kilt), Dawn French, Sting, Richard Armitage, the Little Britain team and Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig, people!

Last I saw, they'd raised about £15million. Yes, that's great--but it's also equal to about 25p for every person in Britain. Even I can afford that, and I'm broke beyond belief. National minimum wage is well over a fiver per hour (minimum wage, how I miss you!).

So, here's my birthday wish: since I'm 25, this year, go and donate 25p to Comic Relief this year. Or more. While you're there, go and see how damn entertaining they are--and tell me if you can't find someone there who either makes you laugh or turns you on or both. Because if they can't do either, what are you doing here?

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