Monday, March 26, 2007

Puppy puppy puppy!

We're getting a puppy!

She's about three weeks old, a black lab/collie cross, and completely gorgeous! No name yet...will apprise you when we've picked one out (because I know everyone is dying to hear). Went to see her today, only girl left in the litter, and when she licked my mum's fingers I knew we were sold.



  1. Hi Cat/Kate!! ITs Cathie, having found your blog! Cool on the puppy. I think i'd like a dog some day again, but maybe a smaller one this time. I had a hearing ear dog for me before. I do now have my cat that gosh, knows me so well. Sleeps on my feet to keep them warm, LOL. Would love to see the pic when you get the puppy!

  2. Yay puppy! Want pics NOW!