Friday, March 30, 2007

James Marsters is mine

Y'see, when Amelia asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said James Marsters. And bless her, she went out and got him! In full Fool For Love punk gear, too. Love that ep.

The books on the right represent part of my TBR pile. Actually I've read the Linnea Sinclair and the paperback Kinsella, they just got stacked there. Through the mirror, you can see a reflection of my computer, showing this very blog! How exciting! And yes, my shoulder as I'm standing there taking the picture. But unlike that famous eBay one, I'm actually dressed. Although I'm glad the flash obscured my face 'cos I'm wearing no make-up.

Oh yes, and in the top left you can see my first royalty cheque. Framed. Yes yes oh yea!

Okay, I'm still procrastinating. I really have to go and finish East Side Story (yes! I finally named it! Just as well as it needs to be written by the end of the month. As in, tomorrow Ack!). But look, I have a blurb for it and everything:

Faeries and vampires hate each other. Everyone knows that. So why does Ruarc of the Unseelie have a vampire in his bed?

Maria knows she’s supposed to hate faeries, but she has no idea why. So far, Ruarc’s saved her life, fed her the most potent blood she’s ever tasted, and given her the best orgasm of her life.

But something’s after Ruarc, something dark and nasty, and it certainly isn’t going to let one fledgeling vampire stop it.

With grateful thanks to Leonard Bernstein and Bryan Adams for the title inspiration...


  1. I told you I totally scored on your birthday present this year! Now I should warn you, next year, it's gonna suck. No one can maintain this level of awesomeness. Sorry in advance for the mismatched socks you're gonna get.

  2. Oh

    That's perfect!!!! I might even be jealous!!!!

    Sorry I've been quiet, new job = new stress level....*sighs* where oh where is the sugar daddy who can pay for everything???