Friday, April 13, 2007

Pepper Pepper Pepper!

Yep, we brought our new baby home today! She was a sweetheart and slept in the crook of my arm most of the journey. And has spent the time since hopping around the garden being adorable.

Here she is with my dad--see how tiny she is?

And here she is trying to eat my shoe while I'm taking pictures of her. I don't know what it is with dogs and shoes...maybe it's genetic. Must wag tail, adore owner, and eat shoes.

Giving me a doggy kiss on the hand. Bless.

Saying hello to Spike, who was Not Impressed. When we brought her in, I handed her to my dad and picked up Spike who wanted to see what the fuss was about. He didn't seem all that interested in what Dad was holding, until he realised it was alive, whereupon he hissed, scrambled out of my arms, and startled his sister into leaping away from Mum, scratching her finger open and knocking over the water bowl.

I feel that went quite well.

Pepper killing Knotty.

All tuckered out. She seems to like her box (and yes, that is a super-market cardboard fruit crate she's sleeping in. With an old bath towel. Nothing but luxury for my poppet).

Spike all blissed out from the catnip drops I bribed him with to forgive me.

Sugar, not looking particularly convinced.

But lest they forget, this was Sugar and Spike the day after we brought them home, poor wee mites that they were--at least they had each other!


  1. So cute!!

    But, uh, that cat could totally take the dog.

  2. Yes, money on the cat for the title fight, and that's always. If there's one thing I've learned in my 30 years of pet parentship, cats are vicious beasties and I'd rather throw down with the dog than with the cat.


    Sorry, Spike, but Pepper's totally out-cute-ing you right now. And I mean by light-years.

  3. What, even when Spike was a baby too?

    He's talking to me now, ever since I gave him the catnip. Druggie cat.

  4. Adorable. And I LOVE the first picture of Spike! Worth a thousand words and then some.

    Thanks for visiting West of Mars and signing Mr. Linky; hope you'll come back again!

  5. Spike and Sugar are so adorable--as babies. Spike's temper is the only thing keeping him from being a beaut now. Sugar's lovely.

    I adore Pepper. What kind of dog is she?

  6. Thanks Susan and Grace. Pepper is half Border Collie, half black Labrador.

    Spike usually is a beaut and adorably tempered--well, he knows where his food comes from ;)