Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Me-ee aa-and Widget, Widget Bones!

We got a thi-i-ing goin' o-o-on...

Um, okay. Vigilant readers may remember, way back in the dark ages, a Purple Prose Parody written by me and a certain Amelia Elias called Widget Bones's Diary. It was about, funnily enough, a Dark-Hunter named Widget Bones and was the bastard child of Amelia getting me into Sherrilyn Kenyon's books and me sending her Bridget Jones's Diary. And it was really, really silly. And it got sent to Sherrilyn. Who, instead of laughing and calling us silly twonks like a normal person would, decided she really liked it and wanted to put it in the Dark-Hunter Companion.

We thought this was amazing, but unlikely to come to pass. After all, not even the great SK gets total say over what goes into her books. But last night she emailed me to say it was definitely going ahead. Widget's going to be in the Companion!

<-- me about now

In other, completely unrelated news, I also got the new cover for the next Sundown book, East Side Story (I kept typing 'easy' there, tells you something huh?). See? Snaps to the brilliant Renee George for capturing Ruarc and Maria so perfectly!

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  1. Ok, I have decided I miss being at my old job which allowed me the time to WRITE because of stupid conference calls and no work.

    Bah. On the flip side, I am enjoying the stuff I'm doing...but I'm not writing...

    So, I am TOTALLY jealous of all the writing you're doing and the stuff you've got going on!