Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Things about my Sundown series

Thirteen things about my Sundown series

1. When I started the first book, She Who Dares, I didn't intend it to be a series. Just a one-off story about a really snarky vampire living in London who fancied the guy she was supposed to be assassinating.

2. Then I gave her an agency (Sundown, Inc.) and a secretary who was a suit-and-pearls-wearing werewolf single mother, and just HAD to write about her. That became book two, Blue Moon.

3. I based Blue Moon's hero on Orlando Bloom, pretty much as he looks in Kingdom of Heaven. Hamana. Hamana. Hamana!

4. When I wrote What Wizards Want I spent ages researching Jamaican slang for the heroine. Then I cut most of it out, because I remembered how much I hate it when I read books about Scottish characters who say things like, "Dinnae fash yerself, lassie." I've lived in the UK all my life and never ever heard a Scottish person say any of those words.

5. Baby Sham Faery Love is the silliest book I've ever written but I was really nervous about it, because while I'd written a menage scene before, I didn't know if I could base a whole book and a whole relationship on these three people happily shacking up together.

6. The title and cover ideas for Baby Sham Faery Love came to me while listening to Gwen Stefani. I can't imagine why.

7. I've long believed that one of my biggest strengths as a writer is dialogue. I like writing it and I think it comes off well. To this end, I'm still not entirely sure what possessed me to write Never Leave Me, about a man who doesn't much like conversation and a girl with no voice. Still, it seemed to work okay; the book won an award and everything.

8. After watching too much Doctor Who and falling madly in love with David Tennant, I wanted to write about a time-traveller. But my editor told me time-travel stories sell really badly and advised me to write about werewolves some more. So I wrote Duty and the Beast, which features a werewolf heroine who doesn't believe in the paranormal, and an elf who bears a striking resemblance to a certain Timelord...

9. Writing DATB also allowed me to fantasise about ripping David Tennant's clothes off. Tough job I have.

10. Unholy Trinity was my shameless attempt at mixing in everything that seems to be popular with erotica readers in a bid to become financially solvent. Vampires? Check. Interracial? Check. Menage? Check, check, check. It was also the first time I allowed myself to write a hero called Jamie, which is one of my hands-down favourite names.

11. I still have no idea what possessed me to write a book about a siren in Las Vegas. But keen readers may note that the lion who makes a brief appearance in Maneater is a) white, b) very affectionate and c) called Spike. I should have given him a dippy sister called Sugar, but I felt I'd already rambled on about cats too much by then.

12. It took me a shamefully long time to come up with the title for East Side Story. I mean, come on. It's set in Manhattan (well, mostly), has lovers from two factions who hate each other, and the heroine is a Latina woman called Maria. And yet it took Bryan Adams's song of the same name to jolt me into the realisation that I really needed to use that title!

13. The next book will probably be about a faery changeling and an Australian werewolf called Adam. Or it might be about an incubus. I'm not really sure!

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  1. I love background on books. Makes them so much more fun to read!

  2. Very cool list! It's always interesting to get the background behind books and series.

  3. GREAT idea for a list and I agree with Emma, it's fun reading about the background of books!


  4. Sounds great...

  5. Great TT! I loved reading the background story