Thursday, June 21, 2007

On the complexity of websites

God, I must be getting old. I'm having such trouble even uploading my new site! This does mean, unfortunately, that is temporarily down (you'll get an error message if you go there...unless I get lucky!), and is frozen, like a time capsule (I can't update it, not even to tell you Ugley Business is on sale!).

But never fear! The ever-brilliant Jen is helping me out, so it should be up and sorted soon. If I can manage to follow her instructions! I swear, I've been feeling increasingly stupid lately. anything more complex than making a cup of tea seems to be beyond me (and even then it's touch and go whether I remember to remove the teabag in time).

I'd make a rubbish Doctor Who companion. Which is a shame, really, since I fancy him rotten. But I'm declaring my fandom in large gothic lettering, see?

Gonna wear this on Saturday when I go to Hyde Park Calling. I'm SO excited about this: I've been a Crowded House fan for ten years, which incidentally is as long as they've been disbanded. So, even though I've been to see Neil Finn solo, and with his brother Tim, I never thought I'd get to see the full House (as 'twere). Of course, since they were a slightly fluid band , andone of the original members has since died, it could be considered something of a Trigger's broom (it's had three new handles and two new heads, but it's the same broom I've had for twenty years!). I don't care. Neil's there, and Nick Seymour, and the other guy whose name shamefully escapes me right now.

Plus, the Feeling are on too, and I'm so all over them right now!

Yes, I've turned into a squeeeing fangurl. Deal with it.


  1. If I can help with the tech stuff dear, let me know!!!

  2. David Tennant AND Crowded House???? Fair Dunkum, Woman..... are you sure you're not me????

    (Love that shirt??? Can you make me one??)

  3. *checks* no, I don't think I'm you!

    I made the shirt myself--well, ordered it off a website is more what I did., but I dunno what their international shipping is like.

    Find a t-shirt printing place, and go mad!