Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Things making me cranky

Thirteen things making me cranky

1. Forgetting that there's no one else in the house, so despite staying up late working, I had to get up and feed the cats and dog this morning. and you know, when you've come downstairs and been faced with the utter destruction a 14-week-old puppy creates overnight, getting back to sleep is a little difficult. So I'm tired right now!

2. Ordering some promo items and being sent the wrong things last week. Being assured the courier can come and pick them up yesterday, and finding he only has a chit for three of the eight very heavy boxes (don't ask). Tripping over the remaining five boxes all day while I wait for the courier to return, as promised. Looking at my clock and realising it's nearly 5pm...and the boxes are still there.

3. Being unable to leave the house in casew the courier comes while I'm out.

4. Having no eggs for the puppy (again, don't ask) and no chocolate for, see above re: not being able to leave house.

5. Knowing that for the four days I was in Cornwall with my parents, the weather down there was dull and riany while back home it was glorious sunshine. Returning home, I find the reverse is also true. Apparently I took Neil Finn's advice to always take the weather with me a little too seriously.

6. Being slightly sunburnt, because Tuesday afternoon did yeild some sunshine, and despite diligent application of suncream, I still managed to get burned exactly where the underwire of my bra digs in.

7. Wearing jeans stained with what I suspect is cream cheese from training the puppy yesterday, because my only other jeans are still in Cornwall with my parents.

8. The washine machine, which broke down last Wednesday (followed by a blocked sink on Thursday) and has only been fixed today. Apparently. I haven't checked the load I put in after the repairman left.

9. Knowing that when I go down to let the puppy out of her crate to give her some dinner, she will almost certainly poop on the floor within about thiorty seconds of being left alone. If, however, I whisk her outside immediately after eating, she will run around the garden without pooping at all...only to do it when I bring her back in.

10. The cut on the crease of my little finger. Can't crease it. Ow!

11. Spending all morning hooking up with Amazon's affiliate programme so I can put the little 'buy my book' doohickey on my website, MySpace and blog, only to discover that the code doesn't work on MySpace.

12. Attempting to paste code into website program, and discovering that it's somehow turned the entire page into one big swatch of HTML. Deleting the page, intending to re-do it all, and having the whole program break down on me.

13. Being unable to remember which spelling of programme or program goes with noun, verb, or other.

This broadcast brought to you by the I Wish I Had A Full-Time Staff broadcasting service. Normal service will resume tomorrow.

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