Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So, I sent out press releases to all the local papers, and one of them phoned me this morning for a little phone interview. Fine, no problem. Well, actually not that fine, because I don't really like talking on the phone, but I put on my big girl panties and dealt with it (um. Not literally). But then they said they'd like to send a photographer round.

Major panic. Had to leap into shower and wash my hair, because it was a bit of a fright (no change there), then find make up, and then they called back and said they'd be coming in the evening.

Bigger panic.

You see, originally I'd been hoping to lure the photographer outside, into the sunshine (it's freezing cold, but sunny), and have my picture taken by the roses or the Virginia creeper. but by the time she comes, it'll be too late...which means I have to find somewhere presentable inside the house--somewhere not full of my clutter (which is everywhere: I'm the messiest person alive), or dog toys, or the bones she leaves everywhere (the back garden looks like a charnel house).

All this for 15 mins and a couple of snaps! But the thing is, these are local papers. And if anyone reads them, they'll be people I know. So I can't have a photo of me in a messy, ugly house, with dirty hair and no make up, can I?

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  1. I'm sure by the time I post this your panic is over and you've done beautifully with your photographer. Post up the clip when you get it!

    As for Spike, he's adorable!!!!
    Congrats on the interview!!!!!