Saturday, September 15, 2007

Reasons to be cheerful: one, two, three

One: I got a box of I, Spy? paperbacks.
Two: I got a box of Ugley Business paperbacks.
Three: I got a box of A is for Apple paperbacks!

Ahhh, aren't they pretty?

I've been going mildly bonkers this week because the rest of the household are away and I've been left holding the baby. Well, puppy. she's six months old, still bites, still jumps, and still isn't housetrained. Moreover, she does most of this on purpose because she's bored, because I leave her for long periods because, basically, I am not having that maniac in here with me and my books!

The little sod actually chewed through one of the bars of her baby-gate (why any of us thought a wooden gate would be a good idea, I don't know). So Wednesday, she woke me up by nosing into my bedroom...when she should have been shut in the kitchen downstairs. This morning, I found she'd destroyed one of the reinforced, renewable shopping bags we use at the supermarket. The idea with those things is when one wears out, you take it in and they replace it, free. but I'm not sure there's enough left of this one to even take in. It looks like...well, like a dog ate it!


  1. Kate, I had a border collie who chewed: the corners off solid walnut end tables; long strips of drywall; carpet; five sets of mini-blinds; five pairs of draperies; and turned walnut table lets into splinters.

    Obviously this was a dog who needed to work and amused himself by destroying a house single-handed. But he was a sweetheart and made noises like a human and even tried to talk. Yes, Rebel was a...rebel.

  2. BTW, I want to know how your electronic and print books are coming out at almost the same time?

    I am SOOOO jealous.

  3. Um...glitch in scheduling! I got lucky, is really all. A4A was meant to be going to BEA, and so was ready by May, but that ended up not happening. So I had book 3 all ready for print by the summer... and book 2 still in edits!

    Basically, the underlying reason is that I wrote all the Sophie books at the same time and sold them in a bunch later on. Well, the first three anyway. Book four is still waitong for the verdict!

    Oh, and as per dogs? I don't know why I'm surprised: my childhood dog was Retriever/Sheltie and she did, honest-to-god, eat my brother's homework.

    She, by the way, is Norma Jean in the Sophie books.