Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shame You're A Maniac

Nicked this from the Smart Bitches, who have taken the 'summarise in one sentence' idea of book pitching to the next level. Summarise In Four words (see what I did there?). They had lots, of which I only got two for sure (and half a dozen that sounded like every bad romance I've read: The Widow's A Virgin; No Memory? No Problem! etc).

I added a few more. See if you can get them?

Happy Crook Marries Mayor

Loved Through Past Lives (okay, I admit that’s a bit generic; could also be Past Life Suicide Pact)

Sex Slave In Book

I’m A Fuckwit Magnet

Like Whoa, I’m Royal?

Actually, I’m A Ghost.

...all of which were inspired by a quick gander at my own bookshelves. Now, I'm going to try my hand at a few for my own books:

Shame You're A Maniac (all right, that could be a lot of my books)

Gay Best Friend Sex

But I'm A Blonde

She Speaks In Dreams

Actually, You're A Werewolf

Don't Eat Nice Man

School Again? No Way!

Whoops, I Killed You

This Is Your Kid

Greek Soldier Saved Me

Hot Guy, Great Coat

I Hate Faerie Politics

Fuck. Blame My Dad.

Stuck In Fishing Float

It's Spelt Like That

Anyone? Anyone at all? I mixed them up a bit (wrote them in order, but that's too easy, right?).

Anyone have any more?


  1. LOL. I think you have real talent Kate :)

  2. I'm in awe!!! I'm pretty sure that would take me far too long to do with my shelves. Although, it's a good test. :)