Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'll stop obsessing about him soon, promise.

Well, maybe when I've finished the Untied Kingdom. Maybe.

But until then, enjoy the lovely Richard as Sir Guy of Gisborne (and doing it all for charidee, too!). "He'll never make you as happy as I could." True, Richard, true!

I've spent all day in the garage helping my brother put some gym equipment together (either that, or he's taken up a new job testing torture racks). Since the garage has only one working light, we had the door open to let more light in. This meant it was freezing. And the damn thing was so big it took so long that eventually it went dark, and a torch was needed. Still, it's nice to be called a genius several times in one day.


  1. Dear Genius,

    Oh that is just too cute! And I love his voice.

  2. No you won't...unless he's moved out by Spike dear ;)

    Gyms - the devil to setup...worth it, yes LOL. The idiots left ours in pieces in the middle of the driveway...we won't explain the cursing that went along with that one.

    Tonight - BAD horror movies...some people should NOT be allowed cameras. LOL