Monday, December 03, 2007

Buy a book, save a cat

See, who could resist such cute, tiny little fluffballs? Not me, for sure--I adopted these two last year from the Cats Protection League. And as soon as I think Pepper can handle it, I intend to adopt another couple. I think Spike is lonely now without his sister, and besides...I just really want to, okay?

Anyway. This year, as well as donating my Christmas card money to the CPL, I shall also be donating December's sales of my two Christmas-themed novellas.

Elf Gratification came out in 2005 from Changeling Press--that's the erotic paranormal one. It features an elf with an attitude problem and a new Kris Kringle who looks like Santa's Little Stripper. It earned a Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews.

The Twelve Lies of Christmas was my Christmas novella last year from Samhain. It's a sort of prequel to the Sophie books--it tells the tale of Luke's old partner, Nate, and his last mission before he retires. This one involves Russian arms dealers, con-artists, and a gun called Belinda. It's a romantic comedy. With guns.

Both books are available in a variety of ebook formats, direct from the publishers.

According to the charity, their various shelters housed 7, 000 cats last Christmas--it'll certainly be similar this year. If you buy sixteen copies of Elf Gratification, that will buy a fleece-lined 'cat igloo' to curl up in at the shelter, for warmth and privacy--you know how cats like to hide away. Twenty-five copies will feed a cat at the shelter for a whole month. Eighty copies will vaccinate a cat.

So, this year, enjoy yourself with a free conscience: buying one of these books means supporting some adorable cat or kitten like my two babies, one of whom is now a big, fluffy and incredibly beautiful cat called Spike. His sister, Sugar, was well on her way to fluffy adulthood when she was hit by a car in August. Donations of December sales will, therefore, be made in her name.

Thank you.


  1. That is a lovely cause. beautiful kitties :)

  2. 1) If you email your address I will send 2 cat igloo to donate in Sage's name to the cause....
    2) A Spike (the person one not hte cat one) present that I found and know you'll love ;)


  3. That's so sweet, Stacia! I shall email my address, but beware, international postage can be a demon!

  4. Cat/Kate: Came over here from Bailey's blog - what a wonderful idea!

  5. Devon Ellington9:53 pm

    All of mine are rescues, too. What a terrific idea, having the proceeds go to charity!

    Do you mind if I include information about this on my blog, Ink in My Coffee, and lead back to you?

    Of course, the changes in Blogger don't allow me to link, since they've decided I don't exist.

    My blog is Ink in My Coffee:, which is the blog about the writing life.

    I'd also like to include it in my other blog, A Biblio Paradise,, but I don't want to do any of that without your permission.

    So let me know.

    It's a great idea.

    Devon Ellington
    Ink in My Coffee