Monday, November 26, 2007

Worst nightmares

So, I have this recurring nightmare where I have to go back to school. They come and tell me I've had some time off, playing at being an adult, and now it's time to finish my schooling. So I have to go back, ten years older than everyone else, and do exams and sit in Assembly. Kids laugh at me. I give the teachers attitude. And then I remember I'm 25, and I already have five A Levels, and wake up in a sweat, grateful with every bone in my body that it wasn't real.

As with so many vivid dreams or surreal experiences, I put this in a book, because hey, it was horrible, it might as well be useful (how Victorian, eh?). So, as well as getitng shot at, run over, injected with a used needle and attacked with a hammer, in A is for Apple I sent Sophie back to school.

I know. Cruel, aren't I?

In other news, as if nightmares about going back to school weren't bad enough, I appear to be saying goodbye to youth in another way: I've developed a liking for classical music (I blame Pepper), and am currently trying to decide which recording of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (3rd movement), to download. So many of them are too harsh (Beethoven specified the use of the sustain pedal, but modern pianos are built differently, and the sound is quite harsh if the pedal is used all the way through), or too fast (it's a very, very fast piece, but it's not a race), or just a tiny bit clumsy. Yeah, I know, I can't play the piano for toffee, I can't even type without tols of nistakes, but I know what I like, right?

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