Saturday, December 15, 2007

Boy, it's been quiet

Was it really Tuesday when I posted last? Well, busy busy, Christmas and all. There's always so much to do, isn't there? Funny how we create all these things to do, then complain about them.

Anyway, went out last night for a Michaelmas dinner (far too posh to be just a Christmas dinner) with the family, which involved putting on a posh frock and then spilling port on it (FYI: Port and silk are not very mixy things). Am out again tonight at the neighbours' house. I know, it's all too thrilling. There are some pictures, but you don't really want to look at me in a posh frock, do you?

Um. I don't actually really have much else to say right now, so here's a picture of my gorgeous boy helping me with the Christmas decorations. And, as ever, a reminder that I'm donating all the December royalties from my two Christmas novellas to the Cats Protection League, so go and buy one and keep a cat warm this Christmas.

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