Saturday, January 19, 2008

This week's news round-up

Well, I've been working on finishing (rather late, sorry sorry nice editor!) the next Sundown book for Changeling. It's about a werecat on heat and a swordfighting werewolf who looks like Richard Armitage. Because yes, the flame of my crush still burns brightly. Have a picture.

Also in the crush category is the original and best James Marsters, who appeared as a guest star on Torchwood on Wednesday. Now, I wasn't entirely sure how much I loved Torchwood when it started, last year. Maybe it's John Barrowman, who is certainly very handsome but looks a little like a Ken doll. Or maybe it's that this sexy, smart, alien-battling outfit is based in Cardiff, where nothing has ever or will ever happen (sorry, all those who live in Cardiff, I'm sure it's fab, but you've got to admit basing Torchwood there is just weird). But I suppose the whole point of Torchwood is weird. And mad. And sexy. And dangerous.

So, having JM turn up as Captain Jack's former partner 'in every way', worked fine for me. Especially since he established his sexy psychopath credentials in the first ten minutes by, in chronological order, intervening in a fight and throwing the aggressor off a building; evicting all the ugly people from a bar and then threatening them with guns; snogging Captain Jack then beating the crap out of him; then downing half a bottle of neat vodka and admitting he'd just come out of rehab for drugs, alcohol, sex and murder.

And I really like his jacket, too.

Also on Wednesday I got offered an interview for a weekend job at Wood Green Animal Shelters in Heydon. I've had a soft spot for Wood Green ever since the very nice lady there matched us up with Honey, who was the Perfect Dog (at least in restrospect, when compared to the Demon Puppy). Heydon is the smaller of their two sites and deals mostly with cats and small animals. Cats, people. And they pay people to do this?

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  1. Good luck with the interview, Kate. (And I'm way jealous about the James Marsters experience. I won't be able to watch Torchwood until my husband comes home from the US and "finds" the show in cyber space *grin*