Friday, February 22, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty is released today!

The latest in the Sundown Investigations series (this is my Cat Marsters hat, you understand). Wow, can you believe I've written twelve of these?

Nathan and Wolfe always fought like cats and dogs -- because that's what they are. But there are some things that test even the loyalty of a werewolf, and now the ruthless jaguar shifter is Wolfe's number one enemy.

Newly bitten by a shifter, Kat's trying to juggle student life in a strange city with turning into a big cat once a month. If that's not enough, she's in heat, and the fever is only soothed by the darkly handsome Wolfe, who's more than happy to satisfy her mating needs.

But someone else is chasing Kat: the wickedly sensual Nathan, seducing his way across continents to find her. Does he really want to help Kat, or is he just out for revenge against his former partner? And when he catches her, Kat's going to have to decide whether she wants the loyal Wolfe or the insanely exciting Nathan.

Or is it possible for her to have both?

Warning, this title features menage and same-sex scenes. There is a lot of naughtiness, some terrible puns, and verbal drooling over hot men.

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