Monday, February 25, 2008

Dogs on holiday

You know what isn't easy? Finding a hotel that will accept dogs. And won't cost a year's wages (and we're talking my dad's wages, since he's paying for it).

This year is a...significant birthday for both the parentals, and they're both organising secret celebrations for the other. Mum has booked a holiday for Dad's birthday, but that's not hard to do: so long as there's a beach and the potential to walk for miles, plus a nice pub or two, he's happy. He spends half his time in hotels so he prefers self-catering holidays (besides, he doesn't cook).

Mum's requirements however, are...more difficult.

Very sweetly, she's requested the presence of both my brother and I for whatever goes down. She likes hotels, since she doesn't stay in them very often and always ends up doing all the work in a self-catering cottage (her words: I seem to remember Dad washing up and paying for meals out, and I help with cooking, but whatever). It's also got to be in this country, since she hates boats and airports, and the idea of the Channel Tunnel spooks her out (bloody island living). The thing is, if bro and I both go, that means there's no one to take care of the Demon Puppy. This is no problem when booking a cottage, since quite a lot of places take dogs. Hotels, however?

Finding a hotel in the right place, that's nice enough to be a special occasion treat, that doesn't cost a fortune, is hard enough. Then tell them you want to bring a sweet, small, well-behaved little dog (and try to keep a straight face), and you can reduce the results by about 95%.

I did find one gorgeous place, absolutely perfect. So perfect, it's fully booked. Rats.

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