Friday, March 14, 2008


I have final line edits to do for Still Waters, the fourth Sophie book, and I can finally show you the cover (I had just typed that it wasn't official yet, then I went to get the link and saw it up there on the Samhain site...which means it is official, and I can share it!). Everybody bask in its gorgeousness.

Reckon I've finally got a title for Kett's story (the Almost Human sequel). How does Dead of Knight sound? It makes sense when you read it, honest.

It's nearly finished, so hopefully that can get submitted soon, although I don't have high hopes for a release before Christmas (!). I've been procrastinating by, as usual, designing my ideal cover. But I haven't got very far--Samhain (to whom I'm submitting it) use stock photography, so I've been browsing the sites I know their artists use. (It's all because of Still Waters--I started looking for art to be used on that cover, since neither me nor the artist could think of anything!). But I haven't found anything that's right for Kett. Really, I want to steal Lilith Saintcrow's cover for Steelflower, because it's awesome and very, very Kett. Actually, I must buy and read that book, because it looks as awesome as the cover.

In other news, the trainwreck that is planning a funeral when half the family isn't talking to the other is going full steam ahead. Won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say it's starting to resemble one of those plays where everyone dresses in black and seethes with bitterness.

My local pub, the Dog and Duck, has re-opened under new management. It's very exciting, in a way that tells you how much excitement I don't get.


  1. That cover is GOR-GE-OUS!!!

    Oh, and YAY!!! An Almost Human sequel!!! *squeals with excitement!*

  2. Congrats! And don't you have a birthday coming up?

  3. You have to love the fact that you immediately went from the funeral to the pub in your post. Here's hoping you get to do the same in real life!


    PS - the Catpcha asked me to type in the word "Peeukie" which sounds like a good description for having to plan the funeral. All the best!

  4. I can't wait for the sequel. I did mention you are the reason I tried my hand at erotica, yes?

    And,...I love the Sophie books! So you know you have some readers here :)