Saturday, March 22, 2008

Whoops, it's been a week

Sorry about that, loyal readers. Well, loyal reader. But I always found this whenever I tried to keep a diary: that if something interesting was actually happening, I was far to busy to actually write it down.

Anyway, this week hasn't been particularly interesting, but it has been busy, and exhausting.

Monday was my birthday, which, being St Patrick's Day, coincided with a lot of Guinness. I got a very pretty pink Sony Walkman Video, which sounds fabulous and is exactly what I wanted. Had a great day.

Tuesday morning was spent sleeping off Monday. The afternoon was spent worrying about Wednesdays upcoming soap opera. The evening was spent in Cambridge, going to see The Feeling, who are just the best band I've ever seen, ever, and definitely took my mind off Wednesday.

Wednesday was my nannan's funeral. This involved a three hour car journey just to get there, and then the unspoken horrors of the funeral home. I half wanted to laugh, it was creepy. I've never been to one, you see--the only other close family member to die was my granddad when I was very young, and I just don't remember the details, but I don't think there was a trip to the eerie Victorian-meets-1970s House of Death that was the funeral home. There was a whole room for flowers, and every surface held a box of tissues. I declined to go and see the body--and I'm glad, because my mum said she looked wrong, very stern and angry, which just wasn't her at all. My nannan was perpetually good-natured and quite funny, and that's how I'll remember her.

The funeral itself wasn't as terrible as I'd thought. My dad read a eulogy, because since it was at the city cemetery, the presiding priest was kind of a rent-a-vicar, although he did read a lovely service. I read a reading (I suppose that's the right verb!) by Henry Scott Holland, and I've no idea how it went other than that I managed not to burst into tears, which was my fear. I expect half the crowd didn't understand my accent, since I grew up in Essex and they're all solid Sheffield folk.

Punch-ups were in short supply, although faces were averted from any possibility of eye-contact. I did get to see my uncle Alan, who was in an accident 16 months ago that left him in a wheelchair, following a brain injury. He looked quite well, however, and smiled and said hello. I probably lost Family Funeral Points for looking so happy to see him, but I don't care. I was happy to see him.

Thursday, my friend Patrick took me out for lunch, which he said was a late birthday present, despite actually seeing me on Monday night for a couple of drinks. I think he was actually being kind because I'd been telling him about the funeral. We were all exhausted on Thursday--Wednesday was a long day, hour-wise, and just draining.

Yesterday, I made some attempt at getting some work done, but it was only finishing off a scene. I'm glad I got the Still Waters edits out of the way on Sunday, so all I need to do is a final read-through before I send them back.

Today, we're going out for dinner for my birthday--since it fell on a Monday and I figured it'd be too quiet, and besides, I wanted to celebrate the week being over!

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