Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New glasses

Except that I haven't got them yet, I have to wait a week. I'm not good at waiting. But anyway, I figured it was time for a change--I've had my specs two years now and they're getting a little scuffed. Plus, I'm bored. You wouldn't wear the same earrings every day for two years, would you--and glasses are a lot more noticeable than earrings (at least, than most earrings).

So, after a lot of dithering and trying to work out how much money I can borrow off my dad, I picked out two pairs (Specsavers and their 2 for 1 deal, bless them). And here for your entertainment is a (rather bad) mock-up (using images I nicked from their website) of the first pair, which I saw last year and coveted then (yes, I know, sad little life).

And the second pair, which took me aaages to pick out (Mum kept trying to talk me into the designer ones...which ain't gonna happen because the only ones I liked were the really expensive ones!). They're semi-frameless, which looks a little weird here because I couldn't be bothered to actually make a proper image. But you get the idea. I had frameless glasses before but they always felt like cheating--like I was pretending I wasn't wearing glasses. But these are quite funky, bronze semi-frames and black/turquoise arms. Shiny!

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