Saturday, April 19, 2008

Paranormal Mates Society and My Big Squishy Brain

Remember a couple of years ago I did a story for the Changeling Valentines collection, Paranormal Mates Society? Well, the stories have been collected into an anthology or three, and they're now available in print. Go grab a copy from Amazon!

Here are my author copies, which arrived yesterday, being displayed by the lovely Spike. Who is clearly so overwhelmed with awe that he's just had to have a little nap.

A week ago I did a supervised IQ test in London. I figured I'd probably get a letter back from Mensa comparing my IQ to that of a plant. Imagine my surprise when I get a letter this morning telling me I'm in the top 2% of the population as a whole (is the nation really that stupid?), which means I've been invited to join Mensa.

I tried to do the Mensa puzzle in the Express today. I failed.

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