Monday, June 30, 2008

Hissy fits

As we took Pepper out for her walk this afternoon, Spike appeared on the corner. I gave him a cuddle. Pepper pinned him down and licked him all over. He didn't fight. He never does. When we came back, he was there again, so I let him in, gave him some cat treats, and let the kittens out of the piano room.

Spike did not like this.

He ran upstairs. Jack followed. He hissed at Jack. Jack still followed him. Spike ran downstairs and hid under the coffee table. Jack followed. Spike tried to get out at the back of the house, but Pepper was there, and I had to rescue him. He ran upstairs, downstairs again. Pepper pinned him down and he hissed and miaowed, but made no discernible effort to break free. I rescued him again and carried him to the front door.

He hissed at Pepper. He hissed at the kittens. Then, as I put him down to open the door, he hissed at me. I let him out and shut the door without a word. Spike and I usually have lots of conversations, you see.

Half an hour later, I heard him run across the conservatory roof. He was sitting outside the back door, waiting to come in, with a mouse in his mouth.

Sorry for hissing at me? Present for the kittens? Or just telling me he can feed himself?


  1. I choose number 3. After all, you've demonstrated you can live without him by getting 2 totally unnecessary kittens. It's his turn to show that not only doesn't he need you, he doesn't even like you.

    This is the Cat Psychology of the day. You'll be getting my bill.

  2. It's a Mommy I love you and can provide for you...



    The fact that he's not HUGE!